Andrew H, who was the first president of Microsoft Corp., and his wife, Ann Tisch, who made a gift of $20 million in 2003, will help to build a world where precision medicine is the norm and technology is the enabler. Andrew H. Tisch, 71, a longtime resident of Weill Cornell Medicine, has made a gift of $20 million that will enable us to expand our programs at Weill Cornell Medicine in many ways. Andrew Tisch is a leading innovator who has made many donations to support the work that both Cornell Tech and Weill Cornell Medicine are doing. His gift will enable us to make discoveries that will enable us to improve the way medical care is delivered.

The $3 million gift from Andrew H. And Ann Tisch will help us build a faculty support program that will enable Weill Cornell Medicine to grant faculty support to Cornell Tech. The generous gift to Weill Cornell Medicine will enable the department to recruit its first chair in 2017-18, and will endow one professorship at Cornell Tech in the area of health technology.

This gift from the Tisch Family will enable us to develop cutting-edge health-care technologies. Andrew H. Tisch '71, the physician who founded the world-renowned Tisch Institutes of Medicine in 1973, is expected to transform the way we care for patients. Tisch Andrew and Ann Tisch's gift will enable our faculty to continue to lead the way in research that spans medical and technology disciplines. Pollack. I think that Andrew and Ann Tisch are making a tremendous investment in this very important field, where we have an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society.

These grants will enable our faculty to conduct research and collaborate with key industry partners in areas such as health tech, urban tech and connected media. The investment in faculty will enable the campus to partner more closely with the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, Weill Cornell Medicine and Ithaca University.